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Gigi's Eco Collection is about two things: enjoying beauty and saving the environment

Traditional glitter is made from tiny pieces of PET plastic, making it a form of microplastic that remains in the stomachs of our land and marine life for their entire lives once ingested. According to the Earth Day Network, microplastic accounts for 85% of all plastic on our planetNow, that isn't such a glitzy look for glitter.

Fortunately, the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault features 6 glitters that are plant-based and biodegradable! But we don't just want to prevent the problem happening in the future, we also want to help fix the global plastic pollution epidemic that already exists.

Gigi donates money to Oceana, a charity that implements strategic and directed campaigns to help to reduce the amount of plastic produced globally and protect our marine life. For more information on the amazing work they do, check them out here:

So, we have made the gorgeous Glitter Vault that adds a sparkle to your look without adding to our global environmental degradation, whilst funding programs that clean up our beautiful oceans, thank us later!

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Our Recycling Program

Our Recycling Program