Our Recycling Program

Our Recycling Program

A carbon-neutral recycling program that guarantees our beautiful, diamond cut jars can be used and re-used

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault features 6 custom-designed jars that allow for ease of use while you apply your biodegradable glitter. These jars can easily be recycled at home, but we want to take it a step further.

When you reach the bottom of your jars, simply place your Diamond Dust Glitter Vault back inside the postage box it came in, or another postage box if you did not retain our box, and send an email to info@gigisecocollection.com so that we can arrange for carbon-neutral postage back to us! We will sanitise your jars and then refill them with our gorgeous glitters.

The best part? We will cover the postage cost for sending the glitters back to us and will give you a special code for 15% off the glitters we send back out to you! Why? Because enjoying luxurious beauty products and saving the environment is our specialty.

Note: This program is offered to Australian customers only. We are very happy to expand the program to an international level when there is demand for it!

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